About the UYCFTZ

The Uruguayan Chamber of Free Trade Zones was established in October 2008, with the vision of strengthening the Free Trade Zone regime in Uruguay and promoting the development of business platforms within these economic enclaves. The business community encompassed by the Uruguayan Chamber of Free Trade Zones (UYCFTZ) includes developers and users (direct and indirect) of the Uruguayan Free Trade Zones, who have defined and validated the following objectives:



1/ To develop, promote, defend, and improve the free trade zone system in Uruguay.

2/ To create an adequate business environment that leads to investment and sustainable economic development within the free trade zone legal framework.

3/ To participate in decision-making processes related to the free trade zone system, while avoiding the adoption of public positions or actions that would lead to conflicts among free trade zone users and developers.

4/ To maintain a program of permanent communication between Chamber associates, society and government officials.

5/ To facilitate the development of specialized research and information programs regarding the free trade zone regime in Uruguay and in other regions, and other topics of interest.

6/ To promote ethical principles and corporate social responsibility values.