About Uruguay

Uruguay has an area of 176,215 km2, which stands out on the continent due to its territorial waters.

Its relatively small size and the absence of significant barriers facilitate all communications, familiarity and control of the territory.

Uruguay has an extensive coastline on the La Plata estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. From Punta Gorda in Colonia to the Chuy river sand bar in Rocha, the country has 672 kms of coastline, located just at the mouth of a large fluvial system whose axes are the Parana, Paraguay, and Uruguay rivers. It has 220 kms of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, one of the busiest oceans in the world.

Uruguay enjoys an economic stability which is recognized and outstanding in the world, and the applicability of Uruguayan Law constitutes a guarantee for investors. Given the legal stability, the Uruguayan State became a guarantor of the legal rights granted to free trade zone Users, responding to damages and losses when there is a breach of contract.

The Uruguayan Free Trade Zone Regime offers considerable tax benefits and provides employers with an efficient process to install and manage their enterprises, avoiding long waits, high starting costs and unnecessary bureaucracy.

This context, added to the political and social stability of the country, based on the concepts of popular sovereignty, separation of powers, a multiparty system and free periodic and transparent elections, make Uruguay the best option to establish companies with an eye on the future, to operate under the free trade zone regime.